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How it Works

Step into the battleground and embrace the spirit of victory like never before!

Choose Your Batle

Begin by selecting the type of batle or competition you want to participate in. Support your best candidate for the challenge.

Compete and Engage

Once you have chosen your preferred batle and candidate, you engage in the competition. This step involves supporting a candidate, competing against other users or the app's challenges and interacting through the in-app chat.

Earn Rewards

You are rewarded for your challenges if your supported candidate wins. Reward includes the total number of people that won divided by the total stakes for that challenge.

See All Available Batles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining a batle is easy! Simply navigate to the "Batles" or "Challenges" section of the app(home page), browse the available options, and click(support) on the one you'd like to participate in. Make sure to read the instructions, fund your wallet and get started.

Creating a challenge is simple! Go to the 'My Batles' tab at the bottom of the app, click on the pencil icon by the bottom-right, and select either "Public" or "Private" depending on the challenge type. Fill in the details, set the rules, upload images and specify duration and stake amount. Once created, your challenge will be visible to other users.

Congratulations on your victory! If you win a battle or challenge, you will receive a top-up into your wallet after the challenge uploader confirms the winning candidate and update's the status of the challenge with the right winner. Enjoy your well-earned victory!

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